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Terms and Conditions

Insurance Terms

The Client undertakes to Insure all Hired Equipment supplied by Damn Good Ltd at its full

replacement value, “RV”*, against physical loss or damage from the time it leaves Damn Good Ltd’s premises until it is returned to Damn Good Ltd’s premises, or from the time it is delivered to the time it is collected from the Hirer by Damn Good Ltd.

Please note that you, the Client, are liable for the loss or damage of all hired equipment for the period after handover until collection, so you MUST ensure that you have sufficient insurance in place.

We are not FSA registered so are unable to arrange insurance on your behalf or make recommendations on cover, however, below are details of insurers that will be able to help with a quote:



These insurers are specific to the event/exhibition industry. Alternatively you may be able to arrange event cover with your existing commercial insurer.

*RV = ‘Replacement Value’ of item to gain correct level of cover for your event insurance

Particulars of replacement values will be supplied by Damn Good Ltd on request. Any Insurance arranged by the Client should be sufficient to cover all RV’s.

We require payment for RV of any lost, stolen or damaged hire equipment within 31 days post show hire.

The Client will therefore be responsible for covering any hire costs (which may be greater than hire charges in the Client’s original Quote) incurred to Damn Good Ltd to hire any replacement equipment until either a replacement is received or repair is completed and back with Damn Good Ltd.

The Client must not repair, attempt to repair or request a third party to repair the Equipment.

The Client shall remain fully responsible for the safety protection, repair and condition of the Equipment until it is in the possession of Damn Good Ltd.

For the avoidance of any doubt the Client shall be liable for payment of hire charges as from the time for which the Equipment is ordered (which shall be the commencement of the hire period) until either (i) the time of it’s return to Damn Good Ltd (ii) if the Equipment is lost or stolen or is otherwise irrecoverable or is damaged, then in any such case the time until it is replaced or repaired.

In the event of any loss, theft or damage the Hirer must notify Damn Good Ltd as soon as possible within a period of 24 hours.

In the case of theft or loss, the Police must be informed at the first opportunity. Failure to comply will invalidate your cover, but you will still be liable for all replacement costs.

Event Cancellation

You must ensure you have the relevant Insurance in place to cover yourself in the event of an exhibition/show being cancelled for matters outside of your control. You need to ensure your policy will cover all expenses and costs that may be incurred, which will be greater than the RV or hire costs. Additional expenses that will need to be included in the cover may be Accommodation, Travel, Contractor costs etc.

If the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control, then your fees are non refundable. This highlights the need for sufficient insurance to cover such circumstances.

Should there be a deterioration in weather conditions during the build of an outdoor exhibition and the weather be gusting at 23mph or above, then any temporary structures would not be erected until the wind speed subside to a safe level. This also applies during the event where if in open phase, we would consider evacuation of the activity zones until the weather subsided.

In the event of bad weather/strong winds we would use an anemometer to monitor and record wind speeds throughout (DG / Project manager have such a device as part of their ‘outdoor installation toolkit’) as part of an emergency pack in the unlikely event of this or any other occurrence that required a full or partial evacuation.

In the event that you yourself, the Client cancels an order or that weather dictates an event be cancelled during any stage of the build or live phase, Damn Good Ltd reserves the right to make a cancellation charge as follows:

• 15 – 3 days before the Event 50%

• less than 72 hours prior to the Event 100%

Late Booking Fees

Some venues/exhibition organisers impose late booking surcharges to electrics / internet / services. These will come in to force with differing time factors and will be detailed in the exhibition manual.

Any additional charges will be fully chargeable to you, as the client, which may be in addition to your original quotation.

Stand Sign Off & Handover

You are responsible for all stand items from sign off on build to handover at an agreed time with a Damn Good Ltd representative post show.

A client representative will need to be available to perform sign off/handover with DG at time to be agreed ahead of show that suits both parties.

The Equipment shall be delivered and collected at such time and place as shall be mutually agreed between Damn Good and the Client. If delivered to the Client, the signature of any person purporting to be any employee of the Client shall be sufficient evidence of delivery.

Damn Good Ltd shall use its best endeavours to comply with any time schedules but will accept no liability for non delivery of Equipment by a specific time.

Damn Good Ltd shall not be liable for delays due to unforeseen circumstances or due to causes beyond its control including but not limited to acts of nature, acts of government, labour disputes and delays in transport.

Post Show Handover

A client representative will need to be present to handover the stand back to Damn Good Ltd. A walk around to ensure equipment is handed back in suitable condition will be required.

The client remains liable for all hire equipment until a representative from Damn Good Ltd arrives on site, so it is your responsibility to ensure that all equipment is supervised until such time.

Post Show Expectations

Please advise as to whether stand graphics are to be stored for future use or disposed of.

Any costs incurred for client leaving items on a stand after a show will be fully chargeable to you as the client.

Agreement to this Quotation

Please read these T&C’s fully and either return a signed copy, emailed confirmation, or Purchase Order, to confirm that you agree to the terms stated and have arranged adequate insurance.